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Sofia Ghezzo Leal

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Sofia a female multidisciplinary artist with Italian roots and based in Berlin. Dedicated to working with silicone. She has always had a deeply experimental approach to her art, especially because of having no previous experience with molds or silicone at all before she started working with the material around three years ago. Many are the unpredictabilities that still can happen during the process, but that's what she loves about experimenting. The unexpected, the uncontrolled is often something that catches her attention more than a perfect result. During the casting process, it is possible to immerse oneself in an extremely intimate moment. Often she finds herself having to work with naked models to make casts and on that occasion, she has the opportunity to capture a moment in time. The body, in close contact with her hands that cover it with silicone, front of her. She hears stories about their lives, lives lived in that same skin she's touching. I hear the comments they make about their bodies, their descriptions about how their physical appearance has changed over time, or how they .... Her focus as an artist is on the deconstruction of the body itself to get a new perspective. She wants to examine the link between the physical structure of the human being and a sense of individual identity. The body becomes a malleable substance to be molded, and her art turns into a means of storytelling, selfinvestigation, and artistic exploration.



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Berlin-based nurse-turned artist Ellebasi Gebhardt works interdisciplinary at the intersection of science and art, with a strong focus on performative and participatory spatial installations exploring corporeality, sexuality and gender. The lack of knowledge around our body’s anatomy within our society fuels her mission to create and educate through masterly all-in sculptural work and performance.


Hypnotic Black Magic


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Creator of Ambient Sleepers and resident at Art Bei Ton, HBM's goal is to create musical journeys conceived as introspective explorations of human's deepest obscure thoughts, meditative states and sensual emotions.


Kiki Kagamix

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Kiki Kakagmix’ work is not reduced to one medium or discipline. Whether music, photography, graphics or clay - a recurring motif is the exploration of dream worlds. Partly abstract, but then very clear, she aims to bring her inner world into harmony with the outer one where realities intermingle. 

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Felice Zhukov

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Felice Zhukov is a conceptual artist who utilises a range of disciplines including writing, singing and drawing. The core of her work centres on her very real and often clumsy attempts to unlock the meaning of her existence which become haphazard tautologies. Mostly they manifest as rituals, informed by religious rites these glitchy pilgrimages and distorted coming of age ceremonies more and more frequently take place as private street interventions. The themes in her work are fluid and multitudinous, but commonly include and enshrine the plight of the loser and the question of how to define truth, beholding these ideas through a perplexed kaleidoscope of frustration about inequality. There can sometimes be a cringe worthy lack of perfection in Felice Zhukov's approach, things are rarely disguised or edited, missteps, technical problems, humiliation and imperfection feature very very very often.

Raised and based in Berlin, frænz: developed a passion for electronic music early on. Together with Kiki and Karo she founded Layers Collective. As a DJ she enjoys combining different styles from clean classical techno to euphoric vocal soundscapes, whilst focusing on a fast-paced groove.



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sanguinica is a Berlin-based DJ focused on electronic music. Initially influenced by the techno scene in Leipzig, she has developed a clean but intense style when mixing. Being a resident at Bottom Topixxx, she appreciates and regularly combines different genres ranging from hard trance to electro. Just recently she’s added ambient elements to her repertoire. For bookings get in touch with us:



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Unpredictable and refreshing is 0megavybes go to. Born and raised in Berlin and routed in the art scene she just knows how to serve us the right rhythms with the perfect amount of fun. You don’t wanna miss out on these almost forgotten jewels Magali is digging up. If its ghetto or funk, she knows how to surprise her crowd. She gifted us with her first podcast published trough LAYERS. For bookings get in touch with us:


Emma Depres

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Berliner by adoption, Emma Depres' main field is video, but she is also a plastician and a photographer . In a constant preoccupation with rhythm and composition, her videos catalyze an aesthetic oscillating between a nostalgic sensibility, a reflection of an agonizing spleen and a radiant ideal, an energy peculiar to youth: the desire to live fast Intuition and chance are the two key concepts structuring her artistic approach. Situations are captured by the eye of the camera in an instinctive and sensory manner, depending on what touches it in the moment. Everything is likely to be recorded: illuminated signs, passers-by of a dark street, cigarette smoke ... During editing, the process is reversed, chance gives way to meticulousness. The backbone of her videos is music always...she uses it as narration for her beautiful images.


Sena Oh

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Sena Oh is a Berlin based visual artist. Her art draws from a strong interest in immersive digital experiences. The basic motive to be found in all of her works are digital processes and interface graphics. Furthermore she is part of the Berlin- & Hamburg based techno label ‚hundert’ as a media artist.


limbic sis

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 tune in 

Berlin based limbic sis is one of the three founders of Layers Collective. Whether it's as a host of her event or behind the decks she tries to reach every neuron of your system with a good vibes only mantra. Limbic sis does not define a particular genre, she describes her style as genrefluid. With her co founder and girlfriend frænz: she enjoys playing as the duo bae2bae.

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