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Unpredictable and refreshing is 0megavybes go to. Born and raised in Berlin and routed in the art scene she just knows how to serve us the right rhythms with the perfect amount of fun. You don’t wanna miss out on these almost forgotten jewels Magali is digging up. If its ghetto or funk, she knows how to surprise her crowd. She gifted us with her first podcast published trough LAYERS. For bookings get in touch with us:



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Raised and based in Berlin, frænz: developed a passion for electronic music early on. Together with Kiki and Karo she founded Layers Collective. As a DJ she enjoys combining different styles from clean classical techno to euphoric vocal soundscapes, whilst focusing on a fast-paced groove.

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Being heavily involved in the bass music scene in Berlin, HEDDA always serves you with bangers of the fast and hectic sort to create that kind of multigenre-rave we’re all so down for. After joining the team in 2021, as well as organising club events and raves, she has expanded her taste to a mix of juke, jungle, hardcore, breakbeat, gabber, trance and dembow with fast-paced drums, hard hitting kicks and the catchiest vocals there is. For her, it’s impossible to stick to one genre, cause that’s obv boring - duh.


DJ Eivissa

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The Berlin based resident DJ Eivissa and Layers collective co-founder will bring you joy and happiness in your life, the 90s loving feeling, that pure ecstasy emotion of being higher than the universe. Influenced by her Latvian mother she was teached traditional volk songs, classical piano and singing which affected her style as a DJ in blending sexy, subby, genre-bending dance music, mixing in eclectic tracks from different genres like house, proggy, breakbeat, grunge and bass, woven into a steadily pumping flow revealing all kind of emotions.


limbic sis

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 tune in 

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Berlin based limbic sis is one of the three founders of Layers Collective. Whether it's as a host of her event or behind the decks she tries to reach every neuron of your system with a good vibes only mantra. Limbic sis does not define a particular genre, she describes her style as genrefluid. With her co founder and girlfriend frænz: she enjoys playing as the duo bae2bae.

The core of the collective are the founders and residents, which layers as artist agency. On the way of building the surrounding creative network we are always looking to having new talents to join our roster and talent community.  Find familiar faces or discover some new ones.

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