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The QR-Code functions as ticket generator and data collection hab for COVID safety. Collecting this data is mandatory according to COVID guidelines and also gives a smooth and contactless experience for the visitor. It can be easily shared with friends too.


Generating a QR-Code is much easier than expected. Most importantly you have to make sure that your website is always u to date in terms of mobile optimization - so everything works smoothly.



This Instagram filter was created using Spark AR - the first experience with using this technology. Getting into the endless possibilities of this program was a really great and eye opening experience. Experimenting with different layers and combining certain features with one another can get really cool new results.



What's really important is to make some extensive user testing in order to ensure that the technology actually works with all different devices and users. Improving it until it becomes a powerful application that actually works is the only way to use it as a prove of quality within a project.




Gender (open question): Mostly Female

Importance of women centred spaces (scale): 4-5 / 5

Website Feedback (scale): 4/5

+ colourful layout, overall look and feel

- show people, topic not immediately clear 

Likelyhood of recommendation (scale):

between 5 and 9 / mostly round 7.

Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 12.13.36.png

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Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 12.14_edited.jpg


Very specific topic and target group

Importance of seeing the answers in relation to one another

Types of question: open answer, scale, giving hints 

Most valuable: what people miss and want to get out of this experience  

Will definitely share the questionnaire with a broader audience soon!





Creating videos with TikTok showed me, that there are much more possibilities than expected. Especially if you have already gathered some visuals that you can implement, there are lots of ways of applying effects and animating them into a cool video with simultaneuos music background.

Especially cool is using a new platform and also reaching new users through this. Also it makes you think of new things that you can further promote your idea with.


Creating a podcast needs some preparation: preparing the topic, choosing a good the interview partner and preparing the questions. Recording a podcast for the first time is a wierd feeling but also really cool, when you listen to it for the first time. After taking the first preparations, it's much easier than expected. There also lies great value in producing podcasts: Gaining experience with audio media, gaining insights that can help to improve the business and additionally creating further content for the FLINTA community.


In our case it helped shape the evening program for our first event on the International Womans Day (8th of March) and getting people to understand our objective in a personal way - both from the collective's as well as from the community side. The biggest takeaway was the outlook on creating a proper network in the future, which can be a very valuable stretch of the core idea in terms of keeping women both socially and professionally connected with one another.


Key takeaways

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 00.08_edited.jpg



For their closing party on May, 28th 2022 the Pop-Up Club Kimka wants to work with artists from the FLINTA community and create a special performance part during the event. They want an immersive experience that is centered around what dancing and clubbing is all about:

Converging the movements of THE HUMAN BODY. It shall be a representation of the combination of art, music, power and creative spirit.

From bringing music to life to silently expressing ideas and emotions, dancers have long relied solely on the strength, endurance and power of the human body to create art through movement. We want to redefine the role of the human body in dance and put emphasis on their natural talent with the use of the technology of electronic traces. Take a look into the proposal for more details.




ballet 2.jpg
ballet .jpeg
electronic traces.jpeg

key takeaways

Exploring new technologies in order to bring our purpose through even stronger was more than mind opening. There really are amazing ways of creating a fascinating and engaging performance when you start digging deeper into what's possible. Oftentimes they are complex, but many also seem more complicated than what they really are when taking the time to examine these more closely. The technologies can not only bring your work to another level, but also help you stand out in a unique way, that (probably) not many have before you. 

Additionally, writing a proposal means examining both costs and time schedule more deeply. Also presenting yourself, you client and also project in a formal yet appealing way was a great experience to make. It doesn't only make you think of new creative ways to represent yourself but also about how to stretch your core idea into something bigger and greater in behalf of the clients needs. 

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